The Second Annual Kappa Sigma Golf Classic

Posted by Shawn Reiner March 8, 2016

Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s Theta‐Xi chapter at Trine University is hosting the second annual Kappa Sigma Classic April 30th and would love to have you as a participant!


Please open our Sponsor and Registration Information


Read more about the Military Heroes Campaign and other Spring activities and events on the Actives Page.



2015 Fall Homecoming , Alumni Reunion
and Annual Meeting

Posted by Mark Houser October 20, 2015 

Greetings Brothers,
Attached you will find what was presented at the annual Kappa Sigma (Trine) Alumni Board meeting.  As is usual covered several items in a short period of time.  There are several of these that will need to be followed up on.(Open slides to see meeting outline)

Alumni Enjoying Homecoming Weekend
Back Row, Ron Thomas, Roy Charleswood, Mark Davenport, Bill Meyers, Rick James, Bill Vecsey
Front Row, Mitch Rhoads, Mike Darch, John Ealy, Gary Manigan, Bill Richey, Keith Turner, Steve Lahood, Mark Houser,
Mike Brown
Kneeling, Larry Starkweather

Actives started off the meeting with the house presentation.  Concentrating mainly on RUSH, general house information, suspension (short version was lifted and being addressed, lasted total of 4 days), hiring of the new cook Sandy Hubell this past March 2015, and finances.  Rush is being pushed strongly not only by the house but alumni as well.  Strong support and leadership from Mike Darch, Mike Brown and others that will be working closer with the house.  House has 4 pledges this fall and expecting 15-20 next semester.  Hiring of the new cook was a big plus as she is not only a good cook, great organizer, and keeping various items in not only the kitchen but all of house in working clean order.  Sandy has become a great supporter of Kappa Sigma. 
Short of being silly the suspension was and is being taken care of in working with the DGM Todd Holbein.  The issue arose when house GM put forth the pledge plan for fall semester.  There were issues with the word “mandatory” as it pertained to study hours and house cleaning.  Once house EC explained to the DGM it was worked out.  It does illustrate how serious the issues of hazing are to be taken.  This particular instance could have been addressed with a five minute phone call, versus the harsh way of a suspension.  This will be discussed with the National. 
Overall the house itself is in very good shape and the plan is to keep it that way.  More on what has changed later in message. 
In concluding the houses’ presentation need to advise whom the four scholarship winners were from this year’s SIG CUP event.  They were Shawn Reiner, Zach Rilett, Zach Hopper, and Eric Roland.  Each received a $1,000 scholarship presented to them by Brother Steve LaHood.  Congratulations not only to these four brothers, but also to Steve whom has lead the charge on this annual event.  In the ten years of this event over $40,000 has been raised.  This was the first year that due to the support/growth of the event the number of scholarships has grown from two to four scholarship for each house, Kappa Sigma and Alpha Sigma. 

“Where are the Missing Links in our Chain?”Namely, Dick Dowdell and Jack Kessler 
In the picture:  Larry Starkweather / Mike Darch

You can all read thru what was done this past summer and what is proposed for next summer.  Any and all items are open to discussion.  One of the items pointed out in the meeting was the need for Alumni to start looking at what may need to be replaced capital expenditure wise both inside and outside of the house in the coming years.  Such items as furniture for conference room, living room and so on.  A possibility might be in way of a donation/recognition for each room. 
This leads into the discussion of the mortgage fund campaign.  It has been pretty flat for the last year or so.  Granted not much has been done promotion wise in the last year.  With the new officers being installed last fall, it has been pretty much a learning year for not only us, but getting actives more up to tune in what is expected of them.  There was particular attention paid to making sure the house was taken care of properly.  The understandings of the house managers roll and so on.  It is time to get back into the fund raising.  Need to have the finance committee put forth some either old ideas that worked before or new ones to push campaign forward.  The committee consists of Ron Thomas, Ryan Estes and Mark Davenport, they will need support from Alumni EC as well as other brothers.  There have been some options and ideas put forward, just need to put heads together and make it more formalized.  Will be getting together in very near future either by a meeting or conference call to get this rolling.   One item to note is that as long as the house if full the mortgage payment is made.  Thus the importance that is placed on Rush.  We are full this fall with number at 16, but many seniors are graduating, we are competitive with what the school charges and even $300-$500 less.
Ron Thomas presented work sheet showing the Alumni banking savings and checking accounts with First Federal for the last year.  Obviously we are not seeing much money wise coming in.  Brothers I have to believe that this can be improved on greatly.  Can view Ron’s report on web
Backing up for a minute, touching on the care of the house.  During the summer it became obvious that the house manager’s manual was lacking some updated information.  It was decided that the house would be better off by using a one source contact for most of the maintenance items that come up.  So that is the route selected.  Mike Brown has been working on finding such person or company.  Finally ended up with Integrity Restoration & Construction .   These folks can handle all types of issues, whether plumbing or electrical and more.  The plans is to have them do a monthly inspection of the house, they will fill out a report prepared by Mike and send to him.  This will help us to see issues that the EC does not always see on our visits, as not there every week.  So between Integrity and our visits, provides extra set of eyes on the house.  Once something is reported will look at the importance of getting repaired, and at the same time find out how and by whom it was caused, with this information going on the report as well.


THE 50th Anniversary of Kappa Sigma.
Many details to be worked out.  Right now it looks like it will be on Trine Homecoming weekend.  That will be on Saturday Oct 1st 2016.  Now the number of days and layout remain to be planned.  What type of format, formal, laid back etc.   That is going to be in the hands of some names you may know below.
Mike Redford and a few brothers have put together an informal plan.  Others that have either been working with Mike or have shown an interest in doing such are Mark Davenport, Ron Jarvis, Greg ILko, Roy Meyer, Ron Thomas, Mike Brown, Roy Charleswood, Keith Turner, Mike Darch, and Randy Plank. Others are welcome for sure.  There was discussion of being tied in with Trine event on Friday night, which would be semi-formal, that there would be some type of formal recognition by Trine.  Then having our own event right after that.  Saturday am our annual meeting, then the Trine Football game, followed by a Hog Roast later in the day.  Campus tours on Friday, possibly attending the Greek Cup golf outing Friday morning.  New event that was started just this year.   Possibly Sunday brunch at Kappa Sigma. 
Mike (Redford), between you and others can you take the lead on this??  Know I have not asked you formally but I did see the initial layout that you put together and it certainly is a good start. 
Brothers one of the big discussions was centered around whether to have event on Homecoming weekend.  That it could detract from Kappa Sigma event.  At the same time there were many benefits of having our function the same weekend. 

Brothers as you can see there are many things going on at 801 Moss St.  Not only would I like to see more of the Alumni back for not just the 50th but anytime that you can make it, as do the actives.  If you find yourself going thru northeast Indiana please make some time to stop in.  There was recently a pretty good turnout for a Rush function, there was actually 12 alumni in attendance, including Brother Ralph Trine. 
In closing think about three things paying down the mortgage, RUSH, and the 50th Anniversary!!
Mark Houser (President of Alumni Trine)
Ron Thomas (VP of Finance)
Mike Brown (Secretary-Facilities Manager)
Roy Charleswood (VP)

Ken Johnson, Past Bengals Defensive End Visits the House


Posted by Mike Darch & Ryan Estes ,November 10, 2015

Nick Lang(new GM),Ken Johnson and Sophomore Ryan Bosse



Bill San Giacomo, Ryan Estes and Ken Johnson enjoying refreshments before Ken's presentation


Ray Estes father of Ryan Estes, was the basketball coach at Anderson High School from 1960-1975. Dave Ballinger and Ken Johnson were teammates during the 63-64, 64-65, and 65-66 seasons. Ryan said "Both these guys were larger than life to me as a little grade-schooler!" Dave came to Trine where he played basketball and Ken went on to Indiana University and was an All-Big Ten basketball player. He was also the Most Valuable Player his Junior and Senior years while attending Indiana University. Ken was drafted by the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers but accepted Tom Landry’s invitation to come with the Dallas Cowboys and try out because of his athletic talents. Ken was cut by the Dallas Cowboys but was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals where he played 8 years in the NFL as a Defensive End. Ken is a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. Ken now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Joyce and one son (Raphael).


The actives enjoying some conversation while waiting on Ken's arrival.














You’re not born a winner; You’re not born a loser; You’re born a chooser!™  


  • HEIGHT: 6’6” WEIGHT: 245
  • POSITION: Defensive End

  • COLLEGE: Indiana University

  • Drafted by the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers,
    but chose the NFL instead;
    Eight-year starter with the
    Cincinnati Bengals

  • Cincinnati Bengals, 1970-77