Recap of the Fall 2014 Semester at the House 


As our fall semester here at Trine University comes to a close, we would like to give you a recap of our accomplishments this semester and what we look to continue next semester.

This fall as we started our semester we welcomed a new member to the Kappa Sigma family. This new member was a dog and her name is Beaux. She is doing very well adapting to our house and all of our brothers. She gets a lot of attention and is the queen of the house.


Also this fall we had an extremely successful intramural football season. Our team proceeded to go 19-0 until the last game of the regular season when they lost to finish at 19-1. But this was not the end of the season for us as we marched into the playoffs of the greek league as the overall #1 seed and we won three tough games to capture the greek intramural title and finish at a whopping 22-1. It took a lot of hard work and effort from many people throughout this season because we played four games a week sometimes, but we worked through it to win a championship. Our Kappa Sigma intramural football team will come back even stronger next year to capture a second straight championship.

2014 Intramural Football Champs

Earlier this semester we as a chapter volunteered for the wine and run community service event and most recently a toboggan race at Pokagon State Park.

This semester our chapter had an outstanding performance during homecoming week. We came in third in the lip syncing contest and also had an outstanding sidewalk design. Our one win for the week came in the Tour de Trine prior to the football game on Saturday morning. We came up just short for the total point lead.

We also elected a new executive committee this fall and we would like to congratulate the following: Nate Price (Grand Master), Shawn Reiner (Grand Procurator), Kenny Rappuhn (Grand Treasurer), Alvaro Castelan (Grand Master of Ceremonies) and Zack Hopper (Grand Scribe). We elected minor offices for the spring semester as well and we’d like to congratulate everyone who was elected.

This fall we had 3 new members get initiated into The Theta-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. We would like to extend the congratulations to Keifer Beck, Luke Porter and Mitchell Schmucker.

As a brotherhood this semester we went to skyzone, had a thanksgiving dinner and we plan to have a Christmas dinner before everyone leaves for the semester. We wrapped up this semester with our brotherhood Christmas gift exchange and formal as we move into our final week before exams. Both events went extremely well and now as a chapter we are slowly bringing this great semester to an end.


We would like to say farewell to four seniors that will leave us after this fall semester ends. Those four seniors are Sammy Seibolt, Jimmy Deibert, Andrew Arthur and Ryan Goodhew. Sammy Seibolt will graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and plans to move back to Kansas. Jimmy Deibert will graduate with a degree in biology, but he looks to join the Peace Corps upon graduation. Andrew Arthur will graduate with a degree in civil engineering and is pursuing jobs in the civil engineering field. Ryan Goodhew will graduate with a degree in criminal justice and he will be commissioned into the marine corps on January 10th, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lastly, we would like to extend our congratulations to Ryan Goodhew and Taylor Davis who are recently engaged. As a chapter we would like to extend a Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope everyone is well.