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From Mike Brown, June 4, 2020

Burn The Mortgage Campaign



Hope this finds you and yours well and coping OK with this very weird time.

Since 2015 when we started our Burn The Mortgage campaign, we've reduced our outstanding house construction debt from about $700,000 to $180,000. That's wonderful progress and every dollar donated is very much appreciated and has made our chapter financially and operationally stronger.

At the chapter's annual business meeting last October during TU Homecoming weekend, Mark Houser laid down a personal challenge to match new BTM donations for the next year, up to a maximum match by Mark of $5,000. Six other alums at the meeting committed to match Houser's match too. That means if we can raise just $5,000 in new BTM donations by the next business meeting in October 2020, we'll be able to pay down the remaining mortgage by at least $40,000 (total new donations + 7 matches of $5k). We'll actually be able leverage every new $1 donated into $6 for the BTM goal! Plus - for those of you who prefer to think of it this way - you can really stick it to Houser and the 6 other matchers!

So far, we've collected $2,650 in new BTM donations. We need at least another $2,350 to trigger the max matches. Every dollar helps and will go totally to paying down the mortgage.

Please mail checks made out to " Theta Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc." (memo New BTM Donation):

c/o Marek Kolar
40 Lane 146 Crooked Lake

Angola, IN 46703

If you prefer to pay by PayPal or ACH electronic transfer, you can email Marek at kolarm@trine.edu and he will let you know what is possible.

By the way, Theta-Xi is doing very well despite the pandemic impacts. Starting in March, the house followed TU's and the governments' leads in switching over to online classes and having students shelter at home. Most brothers went home but there were 9 who sheltered at the house due to either long traveling distance or special risk situations at home with parents or grandparents. We had no cases of the virus over the spring and the actives stayed sheltered and took good care of the house. At the close of the spring semester, we have 39 active brothers. And Kappa Sig has taken over #1 academic ranking among TU fraternities! The house EC is working over the summer to communicate with all the brothers for minor office elections and fall semester planning so they are well organized when school resumes in August.

Also TU has announced that they will have their golf outing Friday August 7 at Zollner. So the Sig Cup Scholarship Tournament is on for that first weekend in August as usual - look for more information on that soon.

Thank you for your new BTM donations!

AEKDB Mike Brown

From Mike Darch April 15, 2020

Trine email, myPortal ends for 2015-2016 alumni this summer


In summer 2020, Trine University will suspend student email and myPortal accounts for those who graduated in the 2015-2016 academic year. Alumni who use their Trine accounts should copy their email to another account and attach other email addresses for social media and other uses no later than June 5.

Your Trine University Office of Alumni and Development wants to ensure that you continue to receive the campus updates and event invitations you are currently subscribed to. Please be sure to update your preferred email with us so that we may stay connected.

For more information on this transition, please visit alumni.trine.edu/AlumniEmail.

From Jonathan Anderson at the House, February 25, 2020


Below you will find a copy of what was sent out to alumni. If you did not receive the information for the golf outing please send us a message so we can place your contact information in our Database and mailings. By clicking either image you will open the PDF files and fill out information to particpate.  





Brotherly Gatherings and Homecoming

Randy Plank, August 2019

Last November, 25 Theta-Xi Brothers from the 1972-76 era at TSU gathered in Birmingham, AL for a weekend to rally around Mike ("Bear") Kolbus who is working through some health issues. That gathering was called the "Bear Hug" and was thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees, most of whom had not seen each other for more than 30 years. It was amazing how the old house personas, trash talk, and stories magically and instantly came back to life.

Our Brotherly bonds and relationships are really something special. This fall, there will be another rally event at the house for Dave ("Doc") Stewart. This gathering is called "Doc's House Call" and will coincide with Trine's Homecoming weekend October 4 - 6. Below is the agenda for Doc's House Call and some hyperlinks to get more information and to register with TU. It is sure to be another fun and rewarding gathering with many Brotherly bonds rekindled and stories and laughs shared with Doc. Hope to see you at Doc's House Call! All alums and actives welcome!

* Attendance at the Touchstone Dinner is a fun opportunity to socialize with TU Board Trustees (many of whom are our loyal Kappa Sigma Brothers), with TU Administration honcho's, and with returning Brothers and other Alumni. The after Dinner program showcases the school's progress and future plans, and recognizes outstanding achievement and generosity in support of TU. No charge at all for attendance (open bar!), but you must register for the Dinner on TU's Homecoming website. The fraternity with most registered Touchstone Dinner attendees wins the annual Homecoming Cup. Dinner dress is semi-formal / sport coat. We're encouraging all our Theta-Xi Alums returning for Doc's House Call to register on TU's website for Homecoming and for the Touchstone Dinner, then at least go and enjoy the lively Touchstone happy hour and delicious free dinner - program optional.

Important Related Homecoming Links

Trine University Homecoming Agenda 2019 Link 

Homecoming Registration Link 

Touchstone Dinner Registration at Busse/Steel Dynamics, Inc. Athletic and Recreation Center Link

Touchstone Dinner Registration On Line Registration Link Opening Monday August 12, 2019 Or to register by phone, contact Maureen Bernath at 260.665.4834 or at bernathm@trine.edu.


Photos from the Bear Hug November 11, 2018

L-R, Rock Tyson, Randy Plank, Duane Hoke, Randy Copler, Bill McNeil. Background, Jeff Gilman

L to R: Mike "Bear" Kolbus, Tom "Cub" Kolbus, Jeff Gilman, Brian Hagerich, Roy Charleswood

L to R: Frank Crea, Duane Hoke, Steve Lesher and Larry Miller

L to R: Scott Bond, Frank Lubich, Rock Tyson, Mike Brown, Larry Sinclair, Mark Houser, Background: Phil Smock, Keith Turner, Randy Coplen

L to R: Joe Malpiedi and Mark Houser

Top Row: Frank Crea, Joe Malpiedi, Larry Sinclair
2nd Row: Roy Charleswood, Rock Tyson, Steve Lesher
3rd Row: Mike Brown, Randy Coplen, Kieth Turner
4th Row: Ed Buker, Frank Lubich, Mark Houser, Phil Smock
5th Row: Rick Robertson, Duane Hoke, Mikie McNeil
6th Row: Ron Thomas, Jeff Gilman, Brian Hagerich
Front Row: Larry Miller, Tom (Cub) Kolbus
Left Rail: Randy Plank, Right Rail: Jeff Hall,
Far Right: Mike (Bear) Kolbus

L to R: Phil Smock, Keith Turner, and Randy Coplen

L to R: Frank Lubich and Eric Kreutziger

L to R: Linda Goldinger and Rick Bartuska















Kappa Sigma Takes the Sig Cup This Year!


Shawn Floyd and Mark Davenport, August 15, 2019

Sig Cup


Sig Cup has become one of the most important weekends of the year. Getting to spend time with brother’s that you see only a few times a year (or less), playing two great golf courses, and most importantly, raising money for undergraduate brothers are all important. This year was no different.


Winners of Trine Alumni and Friends Outing. Brothers Andrew Lesher, Shawn Floyd, Alex Lorencz and Jason Paff.



Kappa Sigma was determined to right the ship this year and bring the cup home, and we battled hard. After day 1, Kappa Sigma had built a nice lead, with the Alpha Sig’s trailing 15-6. Kappa Sigma just needed to hang on at Glendarin Hills Golf Course on day 2, which we knew would be difficult. With Alpha Sig charging, Kappa Sig’s clinched the last match needed to win the cup, winning 31.5 to Alpha Sig’s 21.5. A great 2 days of golf, weather, and comradery.

Bill MacIver and Steve LaHood



Overall, there were around 50 brothers total that attended from both fraternities. Kappa Sigma raised a total of $3,300 this year towards undergraduate scholarships, and our goal for next year is to increase this amount. In total, over the 14 years of organizing the Sig Cup, we have raised almost $60,000 for deserving undergraduate brothers. If you have any interest in playing next year or donating to the scholarship fund, you can contact Shawn Floyd, who coordinates this event each year. His email is spfloyd@live.com.


Strategy on Tee 15. Brothers Brown, LaHood, Houser, Thomas, Kolar and Ginsberg.

Rob Quigley and Kyle Squillace

Undergrad foursome; Brothers Tinney, O'Brien, Medina and Anderson.