Notes from the House

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Wrapping Up the Spring Semester

at the House 

May 6, 2015


The Theta-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma has had a very prosperous and busy schedule this past semester here at Trine University.

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself, as I am a new Brother and the new Public Relations Representative of the Fraternity as of the 2015 spring semester. My name is Justin Franchville, and I am currently a sophomore Chemical Engineering major at Trine University.It is with great honor that I can call myself, along with my seven other pledge brothers, new members of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

This semester the Theta-XI chapter hosted an event that brought great respect and success to the Fraternity, the Kappa Sigma Classic Golf Outing. Gathering multiple sponsorships from alumni and local companies, the Fraternity was able to raise approximately $3,350 in charitable funds for the Military Heroes Foundation. A total of eleven teams of four people each came to have a great time playing eighteen holes in a “scramble” style tournament.

We were able to show off our patriotism during the “Canstration Challenge” this semester during the annual “Greek Week” week of events. As you can see in the photo on the left, Kappa Sigma constructed the most American structure anyone has ever laid eyes upon out of non-perishable food cans. These cans were later donated to those in need.

Alumni weekend was held the weekend of April 24-25. On Friday, Kappa Sigma hosted the traditional “mugs and paddles” night, and Saturday the Kappa Sigma Golf Outing was in took place. A big thank you to all alumni who were able to make it to these events and donate to help a great cause.

Even after participating and succeeding in several events throughout the semester, our Fraternity has been able to uphold a GPA of 3.17, the highest of any other fraternity on Trine’s campus. We get ready to say “goodbye” to eight of our senior Brothers; Taylor Davis, Kaleb Fondren, David Gannon, Rhys Jones, Jason Maier, Joey Moynihan, Karston Shephard, and Zach Taranto; as they graduate and prepare for whatever careers and life experiences await them post-college.

This semester has been one of great achievement and fun for all Brothers of Kappa Sigma. We will continue to expand the good news and reputable name of the Fraternity to all.


April 20, 2015

We began our month of February the right way by watching the Super Bowl as a brotherhood and with rush on February 1st. We greatly enjoyed the game and the very next day we pinned 10 pledges. We are pleased with the amount of pledges, but we are trying for more this semester as a brotherhood.

The house recently had a couple new additions. A new television was mounted into the chapter room and has been great to watch movies and sporting events. A ping pong and pool table were added to the basement as well. The new toys have helped get brothers as well as rush to the house, and will do nothing but help the house. So there will be plenty to do at the house on any given night the rest of this semester and for future semesters to come. We would again like to thank the alumni for all of these new things for the house.

As we headed into spring break brothers were heading all over the world for vacation, and we sent three brothers to the district conference at Ohio State University on Saturday March 1st. We would like to thank brothers Anthony Singleton, Robbie Scheckelhoff, and Bill Wilson for attending and bringing back valuable information that we can use in the future. Brothers also went to Florida, the Bahamas, and Mexico to escape winter and have a good time.

March absolutely flew by and winter finally left. We’ve had different times where we were able to play basketball as a brotherhood outside because it has been getting nicer and nicer. March Madness took over the house for a few weeks as basketball began to dominate the house. Two televisions were set up in the chapter room so every moment of the tournament could be seen. We were also able to invite rush up to the house to watch the games. These past few weeks watching the games have been a good bonding time with each other as well as with our pledges and developing new relationships with rush.

Also this past month we hosted a few different social mixers with sororities. We have had a lot of fun here at the house while also maintaining excellence in the classroom. We recently achieved the highest GPA of Greek organizations on campus, and we look to finish this semester strong. We would also like to remind all alumni that alumni weekend will be the weekend of April 24-26. There will be a benefit golf outing at Zollner Golf Course for Military Heroes on campus and will take place April 25 of Alumni weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!



Into The Spring Semester at the House 

February, 2015

First off, we would like to announce that Kappa Sigma had the highest cumulative GPA of all fraternities on campus, with a 3.14 as a chapter.
As we came back to campus from Christmas break we all shared stories about how our breaks were, but the biggest story over break was new alumni Ryan Goodhew gradutating from his Marine Corps officer training. This ceremony was held in Mason, Ohio, Ryan’s hometown. Several brothers travelled down to support and congratulate brother Goodhew on his accomplishment. Goodhew is now living in Kalamazoo after graduation, and in March he will head to Florida for an extended period of training. On behalf of the whole fraternity, we congratulate brother Goodhew on his success and thank him for his service to our country.

Brother Ryan Goodhew celebrates after his ceremony

This first month of the semester was focused on Rush. We prioritized inviting potentials up to the house and talking to them about pledging the number one fraternity in the country. Some of the Rush events we had were a National Championship Game party, Super Bowl party, Closed Smoker, and more. These events allowed us as brothers to get to better know the men we hope to one day call brothers.
Part of our Rush efforts this semester involved designing shirts to wear around campus to promote the Fraternity. We would like to thank Brother Mike Brown for his donation of the shirts to help out our
 cause. We aren’t the only ones wearing these shirts to show our love for our fraternity, as the Kappa Sigma Alpha sorority also wore them to help us out.

2015 Rush Logo, designed by Brother Ian Jindrich

In the past week we’ve hosted two mixers with Gamma Phi Epsilon and Kappa Sigma Alpha sororities. These events help us connect with our fellow Greeks on campus, and also serve as a valuable Rush functions.
Over M.L.K. weekend, a few brothers visited the retirement home here in town to spend some time with the people there and hear theor stories. In the week prior to spring break, Kappa Sigma will be hosting a fundraising night at Las Limas, a local restaurant. Proceeds from the evening will go to our Military Heroes campaign.

Brothers and their families are invited to join us at the house after the Scholarship Gala for drinks and good times.
Contact Shawn Reiner ( or Zach Eckert ( for details about the Golf Outing. We hope to see you there!