Notes from the House

Read Zach Rilett's Notes from the Kappa Sigma Grand Conclave 2015


The Fall Semester

at the House 

October 20, 2015

   "Brothers, October was an extremely eventful month for the active Brothers here at Theta-Xi. As the school season has continued to roll on and we have all kept busy with our own academic schedule, there is no rest when it comes to giving back to our community. In preparation for the upcoming local elections, the Brothers here at Theta-Xi held a voter registration table where anyone of age on campus could come up and register to vote either online or via handwritten form. Brothers have also been participating in many small and local community service events such as lending a hand at a local animal shelter and helping host this semester's Greek or Treat event on campus.

Homecoming was a very busy time for both the actives as well as many alumni. Theta-Xi hosted several alumni over the homecoming weekend, and the actives enjoyed the alumni's company just as much as the alumni enjoyed their visit. We need to give recognition and a big congratulations to Shawn Reiner, Zach Rilett, Zack Hopper, and Eric Roldan for winning the Sig Cup scholarship for their timeless dedication to this fraternity. These young men continue to uphold the highest of morals and values in order to spread the good word of our fraternal name.

After homecoming weekend, Trine University held an event called "Boo Cancer" which was utilized as a fundraising opportunity to help a family in need. A young boy by the name of Canton had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the Brothers at Theta-Xi sprung to action in order to help the young boy and his family during their time of distress. Several actives held a table where kids would spin an arrow centered on a pumpkin, and wherever the arrow would land determined what kind of candy the young boys and girls would win. The kids paid $3 to get into the event while Kappa Sigma made a generous donation to the benefit.

Over the past weekend, Todd Holbein and his assistant, Jake, paid a visit to our chapter. The meeting held with these two men along with several alumni and actives was very insightful and extremely helpful. Many points and ideas that would improve the communication between the National board and our Theta-Xi chapter, as well as multiple methods to help our own actives to improve our reputation here on campus were touched on. After much discussion, it was agreed upon that the suspension that had occurred early on in the semester was mishandled and that it will not leave any mark on our permanent record.

Finally, it is with great pride that we congratulate to Dr. Ralph and Sherry Trine for winning the Sagamore Of the Wabash, the highest civil award in the state of Indiana, given to time by Governor Mike Pence. Our alumni continue to carry on and build upon our reputation as the most prestigious fraternity in the nation. As we begin to prepare for the end of the semester, the Brothers are more preoccupied with their time than ever, but we continue to make the absolute best use of our time by not only trying to better ourselves as well-rounded men, but by also helping all those around us and giving back to our community that has shown us so much grace.

Best Regards, Justin Franchville Personal Relations"