Notes from the House

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The Fall Semester

at the House 

December 15, 2015

 Brothers, As we begin to wrap up our fall semester, the actives at Theta-Xi will not rest until it is all said and done. We have maintained our dedication to serving our community through multiple events while continuing to uphold our reputable academic standards. Several active Bothers recently stood outside of Walmart and were able to raise a total of $155 in funds that were given to the Military Hero Campaign to support all men and women wounded in battle and all veterans that could use the assistance. At the same time, many actives wrote letters to those currently serving in the military to express our gratitude for their bravery and service to this country.

This semester, the Brothers at Theta-Xi were honored to welcome Ken Johnson, a former defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, to provide encouragement and helpful tips to help us prepare for our futures and remain strong in our faith in God. There was an exceptional turnout of Brothers, rush, and alumni alike to this event, and all in attendance greatly enjoyed Mr. Johnson’s presence and words of wisdom. A special thanks to Mike Darch and Ryan Estes for making this happen!

As our semester begins to come to an end, we are excited to announce that Theta-Xi has initiated four new Brothers! Mel Abbott, David Crowder, Kyle Hoyt, and Mick Nichols were members of our fall 2015 pledge class and have been welcomed to join our Fraternity with open arms. These young men are a great addition to our brotherhood while they maintain outstanding academic standings; play a wide variety of sports including soccer, baseball and track and field; participate in many groups and extracurricular activities throughout campus; and bring an optimistic and outgoing attitude to the table.

Just as we have welcomed several new faces into our Fraternity, we have elected new leaders for our Theta-Xi chapter. Elections for our new EC board were held on Sunday, November 8, and we are proud to have new ambitious men eager and prepared to lead and serve our Fraternity. The new members of our EC board are as follows: GM: Nick Lang; GP: Kenny Rappuhn; GMC: Ryan Bosse; GT: Luke Porter; and GS: David Webster. Congratulations to these gentlemen and our best regards go out to them as they strive to become active leaders of Kappa Sigma. These men will lead and serve the Theta-Xi chapter and we will all continue to uphold our individual reputation as the “Most Wanted Man in the Country”.

The Brothers would like to thank the alumni for all the support we have received throughout the year, and we each look forward to continuing the legacy of Kappa Sigma. Our brotherhood has never been closer and has thrived this year. We had a great 2015, and look forward to an even greater 2016.



Happy Holidays,

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