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Posted by Jim Sproatt

The Alumni Board is pleased to both announce significant changes to our fraternity website, and “deliver it to your doorstep” at the same time!

Our website committee along with our webmaster has accomplished a major change to the website to reflect a significant change of focus. During this last period of 5 years, our focus has been to awaken & engage our Alumni to take part in the plan, design, financing, and execution of building the new “House on the Hill”. Now we move forward with a new design, focusing on our House, campus, and Kappa Sigma qualities to begin displaying the activities & accomplishments of our undergraduate Brothers. The Hill Top Breeze will occupy a space within the website, retaining its original banner, and will continue in a newsletter format including an archives link to past editions. We are excited that the website is now in place to inform us & provide a role in our future. We will be changing content, both for the House activities & event schedule as well as new editions of the HTB throughout the year. Since any Brother can review our site, we will send you the main page via e-mail when there is a new edition of the HTB within the page for your review.

-          Please note that we have an expanded Colors Program that includes a link to Mike Brown’s special page on apparel & gear especially for us.

-          We will continue to improve & expand the content of our own local history, the Photo Gallery, and other historical detail that will keep things interesting.

-          We have introduced an annual Dues Program that is designed to help financially support our new House. Please take time to fill out the pdf card & return it to Mark Davenport. It is extremely important that we create significant Alumni support for this effort. Please keep yourself “In Good Standing”.

 As they say, “see you in the funny pages”.