A Snapshot of the Trine Homecoming and The Alumni Reunion


The alumni that attended the Trine Homecoming and the Alumni Reunion had a good time, meeting with old friends, exchanging stories, etc. We would like to have more involvement from alumni at this exceptional event. In the near future expect to see updated schedules of what is happening at Trine University and Kappa Sigma. Hope to see you soon.

The Officers of Theta-Xi Alumni Association



From left Roy Charleswood, new Communication Chairman, Cindy Turner, Keith
Turner and new Alumni President- Mark Houser enjoy the Homecoming Football game from the Sky Box

2014 Annual Alumni Meeting at Best Hall








Shawn Reiner and Andrew Arthur Notes each received a $1,000 scholarship. Sig Cup is a golf competition between Kappa Sigma and Alpha Sigma, This event has raised over $37,000.00 since first event was held in 2009. Kappa Sigma did win the event this year.









Trine Mascot, Mike Darch with President Dr. Earl Brooks being recognized at the half time of the
Trine Homecoming Football game for his Distinguished Service Award.


Mike Darch and His Family enjoying the evening at the Alumni Dinner.


Matt Land – the Athletic Director of Trine University, Bill SanGiacomo, Recipient of the Trine Athletic Hall of Fame
and Trine President Dr. Earl Brooks






Mitch Rhoads is being presented a gift From Dr. Earl Brooks for his soon to be announced,  Business School of Entrepreneurship being located in the renovation of old library building – being the new location for the Ketner School of Business.



Rick Hoover, President of the Alumni Association and Trine President Earl Mike present
Mike Darch The Distinguished Alumni Award.

Skull & Bones new members at Alumni Homecoming Reunion with Skull & Bones Alumni Brothers Keith Turner, Bill Meyers, Mitch Rhoads, Ralph Trine, Mike Darch, Joey Monihan (Current GM at Kappa Sigma)

Your new officers working on plans with website coordinator Greg Griffis




Team Kappa Sigma Brings Home Cup at 2014 Sig Cup Scholarship Golf Tournament



From Mark Davenport August 22, 2014

Dave Ballinger, Steve LaHood, Ryan Estes, Allan Abbata

John Goudy (R) presents Sig Cup to our Captain, Steve LaHood


On August 1 and 2, Alumni from the Theta-Xi Chapter gathered for the 9th annual Sig Cup Golf Challenge to compete with Alumni from Alpha Sigma Phi for fun, fellowship and to raise funds for scholarships for Brothers from both Fraternities. Established in 2006 by Kappa Sigma Alumnus Steve LaHood and Alpha Sigma Phi Alumnus John Goudy, this medal play-scramble event has grown in number of players every year, and has raised over $37,000 to date. Two Undergraduate Brothers from each Fraternity will receive a $1000 Sig Cup Scholarship for the 2014-15 school year.


Andrew Lesher, Alex Lorencz, Shawn Floyd, Andrew Wolf

The Friday afternoon round is held in conjunction with Trine University’s Annual “Alumni and Friends Scholarship Golf Outing” at Zollner Golf Course. The Saturday morning round takes place at a different course in the Angola area. After building up a formidable lead on Day One, highlighted by the Kappa Sigma foursome of Shawn Floyd, Andrew Lesher, Alex Lorencz and Andrew Wolf winning the Trine University outing; Team Kappa Sigma claimed the 2014 Sig Cup by holding off a Day Two rally by the Alpha Sigs at Lake James Golf Club, and over $6,000 was raised for the scholarship fund.


Marc Snyder shows off his putting skill as Andrew Arthur,
Noah Warren and Mark Davenport "go to school."

This year’s participants included Alumni Steve LaHood, Dave Ballinger, Marc Snyder, Doug McCray, Ron Thomas, Dave Petrie, Roy Charleswood, Shawn Floyd, Alex Lorencz, Andrew Lesher, Mark Davenport, Mark Houser, Dave Zeider, Steve Bushore, Noah Warren, Ryan Estes, Allan Abbata, Jim Sproatt, Andrew Wolf, Jeff Huffman and Undergrad Brothers Andrew Arthur, Chris Stewart, Jason Maier and Nick Lang. Others who took part in the festivities but did not play golf were Mitch Rhoads, Rick James, Ralph Trine, and undergrads Nate Price, David Longo, Zach Rilett and Jimmy Deibert.

Andrew Wolf, Alex Lorencz, Mitch Rhoads,  Ralph Trine, Steve LaHood, Andrew Arthur

If you are interested in participating in, or contributing to, the 2015 Sig Cup event, contact one of the following Alumni Brothers: Steve LaHood, Shawn Floyd or Ryan Slone.


Kappa Sigma Alumni on Trine University Boards

Posted September 28, 2014  

The Theta-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma and it’s predecessors on campus have long maintained a good working relationship with The University. An example of this healthy relationship today is the impressive number of Chapter Alumni serving on University Boards.

Seven Kappa Sigma Brothers are currently members of the Trine University Board of Trustees.

They are:

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Rick James Chairman and CEO, Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, IN

Secretary of the Board of Trustees: Ralph Trine Chairman and CEO, Vestil Manufacturing Co., Angola, IN

James Bock, President and Owner, Bock Engineering, Elkhart, IN.

Stephen LaHood, President/Owner (ret), SVP Operations. Sarasota,FL.

Mitchel Rhoads, Chairman, Rhoads Holdings Ltd. Inc. and LePeep Restaurants. Angola, IN

Wayne Shive, President, Best Boy & Co., Fort Wayne, IN.

Keith Turner, Co-Founder, Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, IN

Two Kappa Sigma Brothers are currently serving on the Trine University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. They are:

Mike Darch, Class of ’67

William Pett, Class of ‘53

Our Brotherhood teaches us that The Four Pillars of Kappa Sigma are Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. The commitment of these Brothers to our alma mater exemplifies the practice of Leadership and Service beyond one’s college career. We thank them for their contributions to Trine University and are proud to call them “Brother.”

Kappa Sigma Faculty Advisor Spotlighted by Trine University

Marek′s teaching and mentoring come
from real life experiences.

From Mike Darch

I have been teaching finance at Trine since August 2009. Previously I taught economics in Michigan at Delta College in Saginaw, Northwood University in Midlandand Michigan State University in East Lansing. I am awaiting publication of one of my 2008 doctoral thesis chapters in the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money. Through doctoral research, I have gained expertise in finance, economics and business, and am eager to pass this expertise on to the students at Trine.
Marek KolarI was born in Czechoslovakia, and lived there under communism for 14 years. That experience has made me a passionate defender of freedom. I was inducted into the Northwood University Athletic Hall of Fame as a tennis player in 2007. I am a big fan of soccer and hockey. My wife Erin and I have a newborn daughter, Mikaela, and a seven–year–old black lab named Lucky. After living over 10 years in Michigan, we are excited to be a part of the Angola community.

Along with the above comments Marek made for the Trine article, below are some comments by Brother Mike Darch about Marek's involvement with the Kappa Sigma house.


Marek has been the men's assistant tennis coach at Trine for 2 seasons, spring 2011 and 2012 under head coach Bill Maddock.

I have personally known Marek since the Spring of 2010.  Introduced by Professor Bill San Giacomo, Marek graciously accepted our invitation to become a faculty advisor to the fraternity.
He quickly immersed himself into his new role and in short period of time has become an invaluable asset to our organization. His leadership skills helped our undergraduate brothers achieve the “most improved GPA” award for the second time since he became our advisor. This award is given to the Trine fraternity with the most improved overall GPA. In addition, Marek has helped to dramatically increase the number of new members into our brotherhood by way of his acute mentoring capabilities.

To confirm his commitment to the fraternity and enhance his ability to mentor our membership, Marek requested and was granted formal initiation into the brotherhood earlier this year. In addition, Marek has taken on another significant responsibility by becoming the Treasurer for the Trine Kappa Sigma Alumni Corporation.

Marek devotes significant amounts of his time to our brotherhood, as evidenced by his regular participation at chapter meetings, managing our finances as well as serving on the University’s Greek Council.

We are especially proud of Marek’s recent initiative in launching an educational series of workshops sponsored by Kappa Sigma for the benefit of all Trine students using the vast career experience of our alumni.  The first workshop on “How to Develop a Business Plan” was held two weeks ago to an audience of 30 enthusiastic Trine students.       


House On The Hill Legacy Campaign

From the Financial Committee on July 9, 2011

Theta-Xi of Kappa Sigma HouseGreetings Brothers !

We’ve come a long way in the last six years, including our new House on the Hill, christened in January 2009.

  • The new house is full and working out great, supporting itself for annual operations.   All 12 rooms have been full every semester since finishing the house in January 2009.  The Brothers have doubled up a couple of the larger rooms the last 2 semesters so occupancy has actually exceeded the plan.
  • The Chapter Brotherhood is growing stronger each semester as the facility and traditions attract quality pledges.   The actives are establishing priorities and criteria for grades, house duties, house and campus activities, and leadership.
  • The Brothers are enjoying the return to having a cook and eating meals together on a regular basis.  Out-of- House Brothers can also sign up for the Kappa Sigma meal plan and join in group meals at the House. 
  • Faculty advisor and Brother Marek Kolar is mentoring the EC and the GT on chapter financial management.  Marek is a professor of Business and Finance at TU.
  • Alumni Keith Turner and Mitch Rhoads are mentoring the EC and House Manager on facility care and operation management.  Keith is an ex-GM (1975) and recently retired, splitting his time between Auburn, Crooked Lake, and Florida. 
    Ground breaking for the new house
    Alumni participating in the ground breaking for the new "House on the Hill back in 2008.
    Mitch (KSK 1966, KS 2010) is on TU’s Board of Trustees, and splits his time between Angola, Colorado, and Texas.
  • We have a Brother working for TU in the Student Life area who is helpful in the background with to facilitate engagement and leadership in campus activities.  Campus leadership is a traditional strength for Theta-Xi and is a priority for the House.

When we decided to build the new House on the Hill, we raised substantial initial funds for the down payment, and financed the balance of the house project cost.  We have a mortgage of about $900,000.   We’re paying the loan interest every month with operating revenues, and making some progress on the mortgage principal pay off, but not very fast.  With the global economy and banking situation, we would be much better off to reduce and eliminate our debt as soon as we can

House Dedication
The people in attendance for the dedication of the new "House on the Hill back in 2009.


Our steady annual alumni financial support comes from about 50 guys averaging about $850 per year.  That’s less than 10% of our total alumni group; it’s an unbalanced unsustainable load on too small a group.  A significantly safer and more stable position would be to broaden our alumni support base to say 250 brothers averaging $360 per year ($30 per month).   That’s still less than 50% of our total alumni group.

So this fundraising campaign is very important and it is aimed at our entire alumni group to try to get to at least 250 steady annual donors for the next five years.  This will help greatly to strengthen our financial position and give us a better view down the road for financial planning.

A group of alumni brothers has agreed to match a portion of the donations from NEW DONORS, in order to encourage more brothers to get involved.  That challenge match provides added incentive and benefit for growing our donor base this year and every year, and will help us pay off our mortgage even faster.  One alumnus Brother has already kicked off with a donation of $25,000, and we have another Brother’s pledge for $10,000 over the next 7 years.

Ribbon Cutting for the new house
Ribbon Cutting for the new "House on the Hill by active brothers back in 2009.


Every donation, large or small, is important and will get us closer to our goal of raising $80,000 - $100,000 per year from a much expanded support base.  History of the new house project and the current goal and action plan is attached below.

Click here for more information on the house and our financial concerns.