Theta-Xi of Kappa Sigma Brother Resume

Updated on February 17, 2010

Brothers, share your resume.

Alumni take notice!!! “We have currently a number of Kappa Sigma actives and graduates seeking jobs. Please take a quick look to see if they may be a fit within the circle of your influence”

All resumes will remain for six months in the resume database, after that time they will be deleted.
To extend a current resume there must be a notification by email to Shawn Floyd or Greg Griffis.
Changes to the resume again must be submitted to Jim Sproatt and the resume will displayed for an additional six months.
Date of post will be included for tracking duration of post.


Resume Catergories

Updated on January 10, 2011  

Search the catergories below for brother resumes.

Mechanical Engineering


Samuel T. Seibolt-posted January 15. 2011

Chemical Engineering

Nick Thon-posted October 26, 2011
David Duquette-posted December 1, 2011
David Laston-posted January 15, 2011
Daniel Fogt-posted January 15, 2011


Business Administration

Ryan Smith-posted December 1, 2011


Sean Sullivan-posted October 26, 2011
Ryan Smith-posted December 1, 2011


Sports Management & Finance

Scott Barlage
-posted December 1, 2011


Sports Management

Scott Barlage
-posted December 1, 2011

Civil Engineering


Nathan Miller-posted March 29, 2011
Jay Scruggs-posted October 26,2011
Jordan Diemer -posted January 28. 2011


Accounting & Finance

Scott Barlage
-posted December 1, 2011

Design Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering
Criminal justice
Golf Management